Making great memories on the water

Are you a novice angler? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our expert guides. They can guide you through the process and have you reeling in those photo-worthy fish in no time. Our all-inclusive fishing packages will take care of all your needs, whether you're seeking Halibut, Salmon, Lingcod, or one of the many kinds of Rockfish.

Check back for future trips, fantastic catches, and even some beautiful shots of the landscape, when we aren't catching fish.

Hakai Pass 2018

These two were ecstatic to catch their first-ever halibut.

Casting on the shoreline of Oak Bay 2024

Casting the multiple back eddies located on the Gorge 2022

Calvert Island, British Columbia 2019

hands-on training - Oak Bay Marina, Victoria B.C 2023