Published August 8th, 2021

Sarah Allen.

Fly Fishing is Actually Pretty Simple!

If the opportunity to learn to fly fish ever arises, take it! Fly fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do while relaxing on a riverbank. Some people are hesitant to participate in what may appear to be a technical sport, but it is actually an Art.  When you master the fundamentals, you open the door to a world of new knowledge and curiosity.

Your Fly Fishing Equipment

To start fly fishing you really only need a fly rod, reel, and line. To practice in the yard, use a paper clip as a fly, building your confidence without getting hooked.

1) Fly rod

2) Reel

3) Line

4) Leader

5) Tippet

6) A few flies

Fishing license, see below to purchase

Casting Hints

If you have the necessary equipment to begin fly fishing, head to the river and begin practicing!

A dry fly that floats on top of the water is a good place to start because you can see what the fly does when it hits the water.

  • Don’t worry about which fly to begin with, the local fly shop will help you get started. It’s more about the presentation of your fly than the actual fly.

  • Start to think like a trout; be sneaky and quiet. After all, fly fishers only have a fly on the end of the line to trick the fish.

  • He who casts the most catches the least fish, so the goal is to get your fly into the water, let your fly drift downstream looking like a natural bug.

  • Be gentle when trying to get your fly into the water, don’t smack the water with your fly, this might just scare the fish away.

  • Have fun and don’t over-think or over-practice!

Fly fishing is similar to an amazing road trip in that the reward is often the journey rather than the goal. Learning the fundamentals of fly fishing is an important part of the adventure.

Written by Local Fly-fisher.

Sarah Allen.

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