Tips Before Your Lesson

Updated December 19th 2021


Hi! My name is Sarah, and I will be your guide for the lesson. I've been surrounded by fish, and the ocean for over a decade.

Read onwards to know some key details about your fly fishing lesson, if you would like to add any requests please contact me, and we will do the best we can to accommodate your wildest Fly-Fishing adventure needs.

Up-coming Schedule

Where do We Meet?

The beautiful Oak Bay

images provided by the lovely Trina Holt

First Stop & Second Stop - Dockside Cafe, or Windsor Cafe!

This is where we will meet! Grab a warm drink if you feel like it and we will head down to Elizabeth Park, a two-five minute walk. We will pick a spot and go over the basics of a Fly-rod.

Get to learn some techniques

Learn in the first half-hour-hour quickly gain knowledge on how to perform a roll cast, side cast, and how to get your line twenty feet past the shore-line (landing right on top of where you will generally find a nice keep drop in the water, holes, and walls found in the seafloor will be a great target) and how to get your line unstuck from a possible snag.

Get knowledge on some local spots, and the time of year to fish them.

With the abundance of crisp, fish-filled waters; you'll have plenty of opportunities to put your skills to the test. Prospect Lake for example, while is mostly a private lake, a public section located to a beautiful park that is open for all. Bass will take your line here, and it's also a great place to practice without the drive to the ocean.

We will go over the anatomy of some flies

During the lesson, you will be provided a hookless fly, depending on skill level, and age. After many years of tying flies, I figure what a better way to know what they are rating than to investigate for myself? Inspecting stomachs while cleaning my fillets has shown me exactly the insects everyone should learn how to tie. After the lesson, you will be given 2 flies to bring home with you.