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So there's some new equipment on the market. You can make a decent judgment of brand-based quality, but everything looks the same?

Well, don't worry, I have you covered when it comes to fishing gear.

I've done this for a long and would want to give you suggestions on the best flyfishing brands there!

Read below for the 10 best fishing supplies available.

sage fly fishing

The Foundation is one of Sage's best attempts at making a truly outstanding entry-level rod that I've ever seen. If you prefer fast-action rods, the Foundation is the rod for you.

Naturally, this comes at the expense of a rod that isn't as appealing or as light as others. If you want a Sage with Sage-like performance for less than $500, it's impossible to pass on the Foundation.

It has an identical taper and feels to the acclaimed XP, with enough backbone to push flies into the wind and enough delicacy to present tiny dries at short distances.

The Foundation is supported by Sage's lifetime warranty which means if something occurs to this rod, mail it in, and Sage will repair it for $75.

It's simply a wonderful fly fishing rod that's really capable and enjoyable to use.

orvis fly fishing

Orvis is another well-known fly-fishing brand. They make and supply everything you could possibly need if you were putting together a list of fly fishing basics. They are world leaders in every sense of the word.

Orvis, like Sage, has deep and true roots in fly fishing. Founded more than a century ago in Vermont, they have unrivaled experience in the field of fly fishing tackle and apparel.

You'll be spoilt for choice with their website's over 5000 goods.


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